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Kosher Certified

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Kosher Certified

Since 2011, our Senior's Curacao Liqueurs are a Kosher certified product. Our liqueurs are not only delicious but also gluten-free, GMO-free (no genetically modified organisms) and held to strict, clean and pure production standards according to the Kosher laws. “Kosher certification is a blend of “P” and “P”, Products and Process.


"I always say that ingredients don’t tell the whole story, and in the case of Senior Company’s Curaçao it didn’t even tell half of it” – Rabbi Tzvi Rosen, Kashrus Kurrent, Volume 31.


Kosher means a set of biblical rules and regulations that a product must comply to. One of those rules is the fact that the company must be Jewish, which we are. Also, our alcohol is limited to ethyl alcohol and not derived from a chometz grain source. All the raw materials used in our liqueurs are kosher certified. The Star-K organization sends a representative every year to certify our products.