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Essential Cocktail Preparation Tools for Aspiring Mixologists

The first step to making a great cocktail is having the necessary tools at hand. That's why today we will show you the essential cocktail preparation tools for aspiring mixologists. Cocktail making is an art, and just like a painter needs a good brush, a mixologist needs a good shaker. Bartenders use a whole collection of odd tools that makes them look like lab scientists. It may look daunting, but shaking cocktails is simpler than one may think. Let's go through the list of tools any aspiring mixologist needs for making killer cocktails that will wow their friends.

A jigger

Cocktail making is as creative and scientific art. One bad step and you might ruin your whole creation. Precision is key when making a good cocktail and a jigger is a handy measurement tool to help you create a perfect cocktail. It is an indispensable tool for any aspiring cocktail maker. There are many options when choosing a jigger but many bartenders choose the cone shape, tall and small jiggers. If you like to add some personal touch to it, consider one with a different color.

A shaker

Shakers are perhaps the most fun of the essential cocktail preparation tools for aspiring mixologists. There are several types of shakers, but the two most common are the traditional Cobbler Cocktail Shaker and the Boston Shaker. The traditional cocktail shaker, with a metal or glass jug, has a built-in shaker and a fitted top. The Cobbler shaker is a pretty decent shaker for people making cocktails at home, but the Boston shaker is a more versatile shaker and a bartender's choice.

The Boston shaker consists of 2 sides, a pint glass and a metal jug to cover the top and create the seal. Sealing and separating the two requires a good tap at the right place. The reason why bartenders swear by this shaker is that it allows your mix to cool faster when shaking and the shaking takes less time. Less time to shake means more time to drink.

A strainer

Contrary to the Cobbler shaker, a Boston shaker has no built-in strainer, thus needing a separate strainer. The common choice is the Hawthorne strainer, which you place on top of the glass to strain your drink. It has a special spring that ensures that all fruits and herbs stay behind. Then you have the people who believe in double straining. Double straining basically means that you strain the cocktail through 2 different strainers and allows you, for example, to eliminate smaller pulp. You first place the Hawthorne strainer on top of the shaker. Subsequently, you hold a fine strainer on top of the serving glass and by pouring the cocktail and letting it flow through the two strainers you are double straining.

Bar spoon

A bar spoon is not your average spoon. It is a metal spoon with a long and spiral handle, great for stirring drinks. The long spiral handle is so you can pour the drink along the spiral to create layered cocktails. A bar spoon is better than a normal spoon because it fits in any type of glassware and since cocktails require different glassware, a bar spoon comes in handy.


For cocktails like Caipirinha or Mojito, you need a muddler to process the herbs. Muddling requires some technique but the key is to wake up the aromas of your herbs without bruising it. Bruising the herbs releases a chemical that damage the taste of cocktails, so a muddler helps you to gently process the herbs into a paste. 

Citrus Juicer

You probably already have a citrus juicer in the back of your kitchen cabinet. It is a simple deep round dish with a cone to squeeze the juice out of any citrus fruits. Some even have a strainer to separate the pulp from the juice. Cocktails taste much better when you use fresh juice, so use your citrus juicer to get fresh juice right at home.

Channel Knife

The moment the party starts is the moment you put that cocktail in front of your friends. Make your cocktail look so beautiful that your guests will be awestruck. Channel knives, a small spoon-shaped knife, are used for garnish by peeling long, thin spirals from citrus fruits. The styling of your cocktail is what will make it as fancy as one in a bar. Having a fancy knife will also make your assortment of essential cocktail preparation tools for aspiring mixologists look next-level. 


The amount of glassware you can use for cocktails is never-ending. There are so many varieties. One fancier that the other. They say that clothes make a man and the same thing applies to a cocktail. A nice glass will make your cocktail even more attractive and the center of everyone's attention. Some essential glasses you need are a Martini glass, a Collins, an Old Fashioned and a Coupe glass. Get the full 101 about cocktail glasses in this post


So there you have it, 8 essential cocktail preparation tools for aspiring mixologists. Which of these tools is your favorite? And most importantly, which cocktail are you going to make next? Click on the button below and get inspired.