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The Laraha Bottle

The shape of the Laraha Bottle has remained the same for over 70 years and it is one of the most distinctive trademarks of our Genuine Curacao Liqueur. 

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The long neck of the Laraha Bottle makes it easier to hold the bottle when mixing cocktails

The unique Laraha orange is featured in several elements:

  • The embossed Senior logo which features the Laraha tree
  • The body is inspired by the shape of the unique Laraha orange
  • The body has a relief just like the skin of the real orange


  • As we are an authentic craft product, we also use a cap made of real cork and recycled glass
  • On the bottom of the label area you will see a little ‘foot’. This is the trunk of the Laraha tree, which connects the Genuine Curacao Liqueur with its birthplace; the Caribbean island of Curacao